The prospective marriage visa (subclass 300) allows people that intend to marry Australian citizens to live, study and work in the country for nine months. Read this excerpt to learn more about the visa. 

1. Meet the Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this visa, you must be engaged to an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Besides, you must get married (in Australia or abroad) before the visa expiration date. The immigration department conducts thorough background checks to determine the authenticity of your relationship. For example, you must have met your partner. You are also required to provide a background of your relationship. For instance, what are the relationship milestones? Do you intend to live together after the wedding?

Candidates should also meet the following qualifications.

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above.
  • Typically, you should not have a contagious illness or one that prevents Australian citizens from accessing health services.
  • People affiliated with criminal or terrorist networks cannot apply for this visa.
  • If you have had a visa cancellation while in Australia, the immigration department may deny you this visa.
  • If you have a child, the immigration department will examine how moving to Australia will affect the child. They may reject your request based on the child's best interests. 

The department will also review the sponsor. For example, they should not owe any debts to the Australian government and they shouldn't be convicted of sexual crimes. The sponsor should be willing to support you while the country. 

2. What Can You Do with the Visa? 

The visa allows you to work and study in Australia for nine months. Besides, you can travel to and from Australia as much as you want. The visa also allows you to bring immediate family members. However, they must also meet the set health and character requirements.

3. What to Do Once You Receive the Visa

People that have the prospective marriage visa must obey the Australian law. Otherwise, the visa could get revoked. The visa does not provide the holder with Medicare benefits. Therefore, you should get health insurance. The visa cannot be renewed. If you marry your spouse, you should apply for a partner visa (subclass 820). 

Hire an experienced immigration lawyer when applying for the prospective marriage visa. The lawyer may not guarantee approval. However, they will significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome. For instance, they will help you prove that your relationship is genuine. Besides, the lawyer will appeal your case if the visa is denied.